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DhaminSarapAdded by DhaminSarap

The Legendary 3 Headed Dragon has been spotted  near your town for the first time!


HP: 3150 with rider: 3350

3-Head Dragon Rider
3-Head Dragon Rider
Kirah13Added by Kirah13

Attack: 79 with rider: 104

Range: 9

Attack Delay: 35

Speed: 6


3-Head Dragon Rider stats
3-Head Dragon Rider stats
Kirah13Added by Kirah13

Energy Balls: Shoots Energy balls rapidly.

3 Head Blast: All 3 heads attack at once causing damage. +200

Poisoning Cloud: Goes high and shoots a poison cloud down to inflict damage on enemy units.

Whirlwind: Rotates and sends enemies back dealing damage.

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