HolyDeath Dragon Offer

2-Head Holydeath Offer

Enjoy the 2-Headed Dragon from the afterlife!! Get them FREE with your next purchase! Hurry up! Exclusive offer today!


The 2-Head Holydeath Dragon is one of the newer types of dragon along with the Black Bahamut Dragon, Pharoah Bahamut Dragon, Paladin Bahamut Dragon & the 2-Headed Frostfire Dragon. Obtained by offer, Units or by mixing Galaxy Dragon and Furious Bull Dragon in soul mixer.


Life: 3000/3200
2 Head Holydeath Dragon Rider

2 Head Holydeath Dragon Rider

Attack: 77/102

Speed: 6

Range: 9

Attack Delay: 35


Plasma Balls: Shoots energy balls in rapid sucession out both it's claws.

Autoheal: Heals itself

Whirlwind: Spins like a tornado, deals damage & knocks enemies back.

Draggy: Spawns a draggy to assist. Max. 4

Limit Bar: Spins and unleashes Red lightning to attack multiple enemies.


  • It's black wing is up-side down & has no skin between the ribs of it's wings.
  • It looks like it's ribs are showing.
  • When it fires its plasma balls, they come out white on the holy half & purple on the death half.
  • It's got the lowest attack damage compared to the other new dragons.
  • It fires 2 different colored beams at the same time.
  • It's Draggy can also be obtained by Soul Mixing a Horned Draggy and Furious Dragon.

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